Ing. Ľudmila BALOGOVÁ

VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o., Žilina, Slovensko, EU

Engineering Materials, Clothing and Textile Technology

Head of Research and Development Department, Research Institute of Textile Chemistry (VÚTCH)-CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o., Zilina, Slovakia, EU

MSc. from the Faculty of Industrial Technology, University of Alexander Dubcek in Trencin, Slovakia (2002), specialization - Materials Engineering focused on the clothing and textile technology.

At the NANOCON 2013 conference L´udmila Balogová will present a key-note lecture at the Session B - Industrial
and Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials.

Research activities:
In its research activity she is focused on the preparation and design of special textile materials (fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics) using new types of modified textile fibers. One of the primary areas of her research are currently multifunctional textiles with synergy properties of the textile fibers and applications of special final adjustments based on nanotechnology. Furthermore, research activities of L. Balogová also address intelligent textiles, textile sensors and new types of electrically conductive yarns intended for mobile sensing of biological human signals.
She was involved in about ten national scientific-technical projects focused on basic and applied research in the field of textile materials.

Publication activity:
L. Balogová is the author and co-author of 19 professional articles, author and co-author of presentations at national and international conferences. She is co-author of three utility models and one patent in the field of textile materials.